Joe’s Writings and Thoughts (updated July 15, 2021)

I Almost Left the Church

My Allegance

A Marriage Analogy for Salvation

Sharing the Gospel

Impressions from The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Religion as a Way of Life.

My vision of the Church. God’s River of Love - a vision of Ezekiel.

Immigration and The Good Samaritan

Letter to Franklin Graham

Open Letter to Max Lucado on his book, The Story. August 20, 2016

On the death of Muhammad Ali - June 4, 2016

I question the most prevalent teaching on the book of Revelation - May 20, 2016

Jesus to the church in North America based on Rev. 2 & 3 - May 3, 2016

Albino Africans, Native Americans, Relativity & Homosexuality - July 1, 2015

On Homosexuality - My New View - March 19, 2015

Mary’s song of praise - defines the Gospel of Jesus - Dec. 2014

Justice in the Bible written as weekly study during the 7 weeks of Lent in 2014

Tips on how to safely get to heaven Jan. 2, 2015

What I Am Learning from Going to Church Under the Bridge in Austin, Texas. 11-21-2011

God’s Grand Scheme - The story of the Bible in 2 pages.

A New Kind of Survivor Show - I propose a new kind of survivor TV Show.

Report on the 2010 United Methodist Southwest Texas Annual Conference

God Bless America - the state of Christianity in the United States. Christian Citizen or Citizen Christian? (document in progress)

Reflections on Faith In Action – Thoughts from participating in a Faith-In-Action Sunday at my local church.

Epic – a critique on a book by John Eldridge. An excellent book but flawed by something I call the “conventional wisdom” about Christianity. The flaw is what Richard Stearns, recent president of World Vision, describes in his book The Hole in Our Gospel.

Are You a Christian? - suggests that the “conventional wisdom” about Christianity misses much of the message and spirit of Jesus. Presents a long comparison table between “conventional wisdom” Christianity and the message of Jesus in the gospels. See how you rate and hopefully you can rate higher than me!

God Is Holy - What does this mean? Thoughts during a study of the book of Isaiah.

My Dad’s Notable Sayings – philosophy from my Dad. Things I remember he said that have stuck with me.

My Great Money Making Scheme – how to get rich quick. Really!

On Revivals, Confessions, and Honesty - when a revival happens, what really happens?

more to come … check back soon … Under Construction (and all that web stuff we’re supposed to say)

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