New Kind of Survivor Show

    I propose a new kind of survivor TV show.  This show would be far more real than what is seen now.

    Take a group of 4 handsome, young men and 4 well-featured women and put them in a much larger group of about 2,000 people in central Africa.  They are political refugees fleeing for their lives from lawless gangs of angry rebels. Every day along the way there are random shootings; any food is subject to be taken at gun point.  Young women are raped and killed.

    The survivor team is to make a 90 mile journey on foot (with no shoes) with this group.  They will have to find their own food and shelter while steering clear of hostilities. And we hope they don’t get sick from the bad water they have to drink because there will be no medical help.  The women will probably not want to wear scanty clothing for fear of being raped. They will have to take their own video since no camera crew is willing to accompany them. And even if they survive the journey, I predict that few, if any, of the rest of the world will want to see their video.  It’s too real!     While many in my country of easy and plenty enjoy watching fantasy shows of concocted troubles, there are millions of people around the world forced to live in far worse conditions whose reality is so horrific that we don’t want to see them or even know about them.  Our fantasy is much more pleasant. Weep with me for my country!