Jesus to the church in America

In Revelation 2 & 3 Jesus gives an individual message to 7 churches in Asia Minor (modern Turkey).

Here is my shot at what Jesus might say to the Church in America:

I know how your forefathers took the land by treachery and force from others

  and built it with injustice on the backs of kidnapped slaves,

yet I have blessed you with great resources, power, and wealth to be a blessing to the world.

But instead of serving my needy children of the world

    with medical care and clean water and education

    and freeing women and rescuing the poor and oppressed,

    you consume your blessings on yourselves and your security.

Do not think I am pleased with much worship from you who are blind to my suffering children.

Woe to those who, instead of loving sinners, go after them like the Pharisees.

Instead of unity, your thousands of divisions are deplorable to me.

Woe to those who use my name without my humble spirit and powerful love for all people.

Oh, and using my name for profit makes me sick.

Return to my good way and listen to my prophets of old:

“Learn to do good.  Rescue the oppressed.  Defend the fatherless. Plead for the widow.”

Show the world my compassion and mercy, not judgment, fear and condemnation;

then the world will know my love and come to me,

and I will heal your land and you will truly live.

Here is a version from a fundamentalist Jesus::

I see the pressure on you from the wicked, godless society

  and hear your prayers for strength

      to continue to stand up for morality and family values under attack.

So continue to defend the faith of the saints.

Stand firmly against the sinners who defile my holy word

    and those who dare to remove the 10 sacred commands.

Work to turn your society to me

    by infiltrating your political system with true believers;

then the laws will uphold and enforce my high standards

     of morality and decency; once the sinners are converted or purged, then I will bless your nation.

And do not be fooled by the false ways of other religions

    but hold up the purity of your belief system and your righteousness.

In all this, give me honor and glory,

Then you will receive your golden crown with me in heaven.