Letter to Franklin Graham

The same day that I read a couple news articles describing your stance on our current national issues, I also happened to read Numbers 13-14 where 10 of the 12 spies were fearful to proceed as God was leading. Only Joshua and Caleb trusted God would help them. I see your position on our national affairs along the same lines as the 10 spies. What you say is correct; terrorists are dangerous and we should protect ourselves, and so on. These are the fears running rampant in our nation. But as a Christian leader I call upon you to see beyond our nation’s fears to proceed in the Way of Jesus. That Way is clearly to care for the alien and stranger, the poor and people in danger. Yes, there is risk in this. It’s the same personal and financial risk the Good Samaritan faced. Leaving helpless people stranded in their despair is what the priest and Levite did! Turning away refugees is letting fear overpower compassion. What happened to compassion from a Christian nation?

For the people of God, there should be a strong bias towards helping the poor and needy even at great risk and cost. How does this work out on a national level? That is what we have leaders for. I urge you to stand up to the president and lead us in the good Way of Jesus.